Carports & Covered Parking

Covered Parking is the most sought after amenity by employees and customers in the blazing Arizona heat.  Covered parking spaces provide protection, comfort and security for automobiles, passengers and possessions from heat and other weather elements.

See examples of different types of Carports below.

Full Cantilever Carport

This design employs the engineering principle of the FULL cantilever to support a sloped roof that extends outward from a fixed post. It is a clean sleek look that affords maximum vehicle coverage with minimum interference from support posts.

Semi Cantilever Carport
This SEMI-CANTILEVER carport design utilizes the engineering principle of balance. With this center balance of stress, it can provide the same overhead protection with reduced structural demands – at a reduced cost.
Double Cantilever
This T-frame carport design, also known as DOUBLE CANTILEVER or T-cantilever, features full cantilevered roof coverage extending in two directions.  This design makes maximum use of materials for large, open parking areas where minimal interference from support posts is desired.
Post and Purlin Parking or Storage

POST AND PURLIN or traditional design is the simplest and most economical of carport designs. Ideal for covered storage of vehicles, equipment, supplies and finished goods. Excellent for high-volume, no-frills covered parking.